Min Woo Lee, 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth, Knockout Round Interview - 17th February 2019

Q.  Min, another big day, another good run.  What did you make of it?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, it was a lot of good golf there.  Pretty proud of how I handled myself.  It's daunting.  Like it's only six holes, it happens really quick, and there are some tough holes out there. Yeah, I played really good and I'm happy.

Q.  They put you on the clock there towards the end.  Did that affect you?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, I think ‑‑ no controversy.  Yeah, I guess I was taking too long.

Q.  Were you taking so long because it felt so much or ‑‑

MIN WOO LEE:  I don't even know.  I had the same routine as two rounds ago and I didn't get timed then, so don't know what's going on.

Q.  As the crowd swells, did you feed off the energy?

MIN WOO LEE:  It was lovely.  No where else you go you have that ‑‑ you have this energy, so it's really nice to get the home crowd backing me.  That was really special.

Q.  I know we're in the early days and fresh off the golf course, but do you feel like moving forward that you'll always make time for the Australian tournaments and this will always be part of your schedule?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah.  Whatever tournaments clash, I guess you go do what you've got to do, but I would love to play here every year.  It's so nice to just get so many people out here.

Q.  What's it been like so early in your professional career to get a couple good results already?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, I guess I'm ready for it.  I just love playing golf.  Like some of the roars I had is just what you play for.  It's like an amazing feeling, I can't really describe it.  Yeah, when you hole a putt, you just expect that loud roar.  Yeah, it's nice to obviously start well.  In just my third European Tour tournament, so hopefully a few more this year and hopefully play well.

Q.  And what's next for you?

MIN WOO LEE:  I'm not sure.  Obviously I missed out in the top‑5, I think.

Q.  No, you're actually ‑‑ I think you're getting ‑‑

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, last year I don't know what happened, but I made ‑‑ I got to this stage and I didn't get the next start because I wasn't a European Tour member. Now that I'm a European Tour member, I guess there's a bit of a benefit.

Q.  Do you think that's ‑‑ you've spoken before about the States being the goal and you want to get there, I guess, as quick as you can, but given the two top‑5s in three events ‑‑

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, it's a hard ‑‑ that's a hard one.  It's something that my team and I have to discuss, but I absolutely love European Tour courses.

Q.  (No microphone.)

MIN WOO LEE:  Hopefully, another top‑5.  That would be nice.

Q.  And your goals for the year?  

MIN WOO LEE:  I think I'm ranked 360, I dropped quite a bit after Saudi, about 60 spots.  So hopefully, I don't know if top‑50 is a long shot, but I'm going to try.

Q.  For this year, top‑50?

MIN WOO LEE:  Top‑50, yeah.

Q.  You've obviously over the last two years eliminated a few pretty big names.  What was it like, I guess that match against Thomas Pieters?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah.  Once again, I played really good.  Obviously didn't take advantage on the first hole, but then I made three in a row. Yeah, that applied the pressure. I played really good golf from about ‑‑ that's this format.  I know if we had 18 holes we would have had a big battle, but yeah, I guess it just went my way.

Q.  Does it solidify your belief that you can match up with these guys now ‑‑


Q.  ‑‑ or did you ‑‑

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, of course.  I knew I could play.  Just being an amateur last year, coming top‑5 was nice.  As I played a lot of pro tournaments, just I haven't got it all together.  So I'm just happy that it's coming together and I'm proving myself and proving to others that I can actually play.

Q.  A week off, you haven't had one for a little while?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, yeah, I've got a couple weeks off.  Just hang out with my friends, go to the beach, do the usual.