Matt Jager, 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth, Round 2 Interview - 15th February 2019

Q. Matt, great couple of rounds here at the ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth.  How are you feeling?

MATT JAGER:  Yeah, I'm just feeling really happy with the way I played this afternoon.  Obviously it can get a little tricky in the wind, so to go bogey free this afternoon is a good feeling.

Q. Can you talk to us about the round? Obviously, as you say, bogey free. Any highlights out there?

MATT JAGER:  I just hit a couple of really nice tee shots which set me up on the par-5s, and a couple of nice little sand saves. Tough little bunker shot on 16, and 15 on the par-5 as well, so they were nice.  Yeah, so a little combination of those bunker shots and a few good tee shots was probably the best stuff out there.

Q. Is it nice to be playing well at home in front of a home crowd?

MATT JAGER:  Yeah, absolutely.  It's certainly better than, you know, chopping in and getting all the questions asked when you get home or via text from the boys, so that's all good.  Nice and relaxed here and good to be playing well.

Q. You've been in excellent form at the end of last year, last week, coming into this week.  Do you kind of feel there's something special on the horizon?

MATT JAGER:  Yeah, I hope so, certainly.  And if I keep playing really consistently like the last couple days, then I think it will take care of itself.  I guess my overall comfort levels on the golf course over the past really six to 12 months has sort of changed a bit from when I first turned pro.  Obviously went through a few struggles there, but I've really turned a corner and I feel really confident with what I'm doing out there at the moment.

Q. Did it just take you a little bit longer maybe than some other people to feel comfortable in those pro ranks?

MATT JAGER:  Yeah, I think so.  A combination of swing changes and expectations I sort of put on myself which were kind of unnecessary.  So sort of went back to the roots and enjoying the game.  I've had a great few years working with Gary Barter and he's given me a lot of clarity with what I'm doing technically.  That's really helped with, I guess, just feeling more confident on the golf course as well.

Q. I hear a lot of guys talk about when they become fathers that that kind of helped put things in perspective. You've obviously got gorgeous little Leo.  Is that part of it as well, it's nice to go home to a little fan that doesn't care about what's happened on the course?

MATT JAGER:  Yeah, absolutely.  The video chat this morning before I go out, and when I look at a couple of photos of what he's doing back home puts you in a good frame of mind.  Certainly I guess when you've got those sort of important things happening off the golf course, it does put it in perspective a little bit.  But I just feel really settled, I guess, with where my life's sort of at at the moment and it's translating into some good golf.

Q. The family's at home, so you're here in contention on Sunday, do you think they might fly out?

MATT JAGER:  Well, Stef said she'd look at flights if I was doing well, so fingers crossed we're right there until the end and get to see them on the weekend.  That would be nice.

Q. Obviously the format's very different this week.  You put yourself in a nice position after two rounds.  What's the mentality tomorrow, because you need to be top-24 and really anything can happen from here?

MATT JAGER:  Yeah, certainly the first goal is to push on from what I've been doing and try and cement my spot sort of in that top-8, worst case scenario, that's certainly the goal.  From there, you know you've got to finish top-24 so you've still got to play solid, that is inside the top-16 is trying to make a run at it, so you've got to be sharp once again.  We're in the half or not even half of the way there yet, so there's still a lot of work to do.

Q. Match play, do you like the format?

MATT JAGER:  Yeah.  I haven't got to play match play in long time, but good record as an amateur with match play.  Since they changed the rule with pennant in Vic of the pros playing, that's probably the last time I got to play any match play.  So it would be nice to sort of get out there and go head to head.  Six holes, you've got to start making birdies right from the get‑go.