Matt Jager, 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth, Knockout Round Interview - 17th February 2019

Q.  Such a tight match, that one.  Do you still take positives out of it?

MATT JAGER:  Yeah, obviously a pretty solid week.  Just I guess luck ran out towards the end there.  Hit a couple of great putts that just didn't want to fall. Paul's a great putter and you kind of expect him to make those ones, that's why he's a world‑class player.

Q.  What's next for you?

MATT JAGER:  A week off this week and then New Zealand Open.  Just keep chipping away and hopefully carry the good form into the New Zealand Open.

Q.  With this finish you get money towards Asia.  Are you thinking of going back over there or are you going to stick solid in Oz?

MATT JAGER:  At the moment I'm pretty happy just doing what I'm doing here in Australia.  Obviously if the opportunity comes up to play a couple of bigger events overseas, then I'll do that.  So we'll just wait and see what happens.  But yeah, the main focus is just to keep improving the way I've been doing the last few months.

Q.  Do you take affiliate status in Asia?  Do you have any status there at the moment?

MATT JAGER:  I don't have any status there.  I played the Asian Tour for a couple years back in sort of '12, '13, '14, but at the moment I'm just an Australasian PGA member, so that's where it's at at the moment.  Yeah, we'll just keep playing well.

Q.  Did you have the option to take membership this week or did you think about doing that for Asia?

MATT JAGER:  Not really, to be honest with you.  I've had a really good crack at the Asian Tour and I just at the moment just sort of am leaving that idea alone.  I know a lot of Aussie boys do that, but that's not really the path that I want to go down, so I just kind of ‑‑ obviously if you win, you get exempt in that kind of thing and everything changes, but yeah, I'm not really going to try to chase it through the back door just to get to the Asian Tour.

Q.  There's obviously been some good progression over the last few months.  Has it been building to this?  What more work do you have to do?  Are you looking at Q‑Schools towards the end of the year to build up towards that, or what's the ‑‑

MATT JAGER:  To be honest, like I'm just taking it each week as it comes at the moment. I went through a little, I guess not a rough spell.  I was doing a lot of work sort of behind the scenes and trying to get my game in shape to a point where I can compete in events like this and that's really the main focus.  All I want to do is, to be honest with you, is try to finish in the top couple on the Australian Order of Merit and obviously the doors open up and you can do all sorts of stuff from there, so that's really the main focus.