Kristoffer Reitan, 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth, Round 3 Interview - 16th February 2019

Q.  Leading first day and you've got yourself back up there after the third round, must be nice.

KRISTOFFER REITAN:  Very nice, yeah.  It was hard yesterday.  I didn't feel really good after that round, but I'm really glad I managed to turn it around.  I played even better today than the first day, so I was really happy with that.

Q.  And match play, when's the last time you --

KRISTOFFER REITAN:  I was an amateur last year and I had the U.S. Amateur last year and the (inaudible) trophy, so not that long ago.  Hopefully I'll be prepared.

Q.  When did you turn pro?

KRISTOFFER REITAN:  It was mid November I went through Q-School.

Q.  So what would a result like this do for you if you happen to get out --

KRISTOFFER REITAN:  Well, obviously it would mean a lot, yeah.  I mean, I'm just trying to really just get my card for next year, that's my main goal for this season.  A good result here would definitely help me, for sure.

Q.  What's pro life been like so far?

KRISTOFFER REITAN:  It's tough, it's a lot of traveling, but I'm really enjoying everything about it.  This is where I want to be.  I want to be out there with the best guys, best players.  So yeah, I'm really enjoying it.

Q.  Sometimes the younger guys who are a little more used to playing match play more recently have a bit of an advantage.  Do you feel like you do?

KRISTOFFER REITAN:  I wouldn't say that really.  It's just the matter of the fact that I've played more match play more recently.  You still have to go out there and just play your best.