Ben Campbell, 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth, Knockout Round Interview - 17th February 2019

Q.  I guess the format on Sunday, I guess you never get too comfortable, can you?  You sort of get into a groove really.

BEN CAMPBELL:  Yeah, no, I found it a little bit hard today, just getting into a routine and rhythm and things like that.  I didn't play that great today, but still nice to be in the opportunity. I actually thought I had a good shot in there, just a bit of a tougher wind got me a bit.

Q.  Obviously you kept your card in Asia last year, obviously a nice start to bank a cheque early and get some momentum more than anything?

BEN CAMPBELL:  I've also got a little bit of status in Japan as well, so it will be good to help out on the re‑rank there.  All in all it's a nice start to the year.  It's always good making the match play, and then getting through the quarters.  Yeah, got New Zealand Open in a couple of weeks, so I fly home tonight and get a couple of weeks practising, which will be really good.  Then we're ready for the New Zealand Open.

Q.  Did you work on anything other the summer, the Christmas break?

BEN CAMPBELL:  Yeah, a little bit.  I've just made a few changes the last couple weeks and it's starting to feel a little more comfortable.  I had a miss out there off and on today.  Definitely got it on the range, it's just about taking that to the course now.

Q.  You mentioned that yesterday a couple years that you were sort of out of action.  Can you talk me through what happened there?

BEN CAMPBELL:  Yeah, I just had like a virus infection in my ‑‑ that was kind of like I had a small tear in my chest and it was kind of attacking that. It took a long time for anyone to sort of figure out what was going on.

Yeah, so I didn't pick up a club for 13 months.  I was out of golf for probably two and a half years.  Yeah, it's nice just being back healthy and things like that.  It's always good putting yourself in chances like this, and if you keep doing it often enough, you'll finally get a win.

Q.  How did you stop yourself from going a bit crazy over that two years or 13 months without ‑‑ do you think it's kind of freshened you up again?  How did you handle 13 months without swinging it?

BEN CAMPBELL:  I spent a bit of time at home, spent a bit of time with my mates and things like that, so that was good.  Did work on the farm and things like that.

Yeah, just going to keep knocking on the door.  A few times I got told I'd never play golf again, I had like a muscle disease at one point.  Yeah, it's just going to ‑‑ just didn't give up really and just kept trying to find an answer.  Yeah, eventually found the right people and that's how I ended up living down in Queensland as well.  So yeah, it's been all in all, it's funny the way it works and I'm in a great place at the moment.

Q.  Going back to I guess Queenstown and the New Zealand Open at home, did you move?  Did that happen in Queenstown?

BEN CAMPBELL:  A little bit of both.  I just found a really good physio to help do my rehab and things like that when I was ‑‑ after sort of injury and things like there.  Yeah, and I've got a couple of amazing sponsors down in Queenstown so that's how I ended up sort of moving down there.  Obviously the golf's amazing there.  I love it up there, I can't see myself ever leaving really.

Q.  The farm you're working at, is that a family farm?


Q.  Whereabouts is that?

BEN CAMPBELL:  Just in  (indiscernible,)  just with my brothers and sisters.

Q.  What do they do?

BEN CAMPBELL:  Beef and sheep, yeah. Everyone's ‑‑ yeah, all my family are farmers.  My two brothers have a farm and my sister and her partner are farmers as well.  I'm the odd one out.

Q.  With a busted chest, what good were you on the farm?

BEN CAMPBELL:  Oh, not much good, not much good at all.

Q.  What were your duties?

BEN CAMPBELL:  Not really much.  I just drive around, bring a few sheep in and that was about it really.  Nothing too serious.  No, it was more just being out there and I suppose taking my mind off of things.  I actually wasn't much help on the farm, but I provided a bit of chatting, so that was about it really.

Q.  Is it tough playing that knockout hole and just convincing yourself it's a different shot every time with the wind changing?

BEN CAMPBELL:  Yeah, that's how I made a mistake there on the last.  I just didn't realise it was into as much and I probably ‑‑ you saw Scott's come up short.  Maybe I should have just chipped it.  Then again I thought my shot in there was going to be really close, I can't believe it came up that far short.  Yeah, just how it goes.

Q.  Three Kiwis in the Final 8.  In the end, that's definitely nice.

BEN CAMPBELL:  Yeah, so when Foxy gets up, I saw Pitta got knocked out, I got knocked, so hopefully Foxy can get the job done for us.

Q.  Has he been somewhat of an inspiration the last few years sort of seeing his progress or ‑‑

BEN CAMPBELL:  Yeah, yeah, I suppose.

Q.  Inspiration might be a strong word, but must be nice to see him doing well?

BEN CAMPBELL:  Yeah, yeah, definitely, it's always nice.  I've played a lot with Foxy when I was an amateur and things like that, so it's always nice watching him, the success he's had.  You sometimes think, well, if he can do that, I can do it as well, so it always gives you a bit of motivation really.