Adrian Otaegui, 2019 ISPS Handa World Super 6 Perth, Knockout Round Interview 2 - 17th February 2019

Q.  Congratulations on a great week.  It took 17 matches for you in match play to finally lose one to Ryan, who got a bit hot there in the final.

ADRIAN OTAEGUI:  Yeah, it was a good week at the end.  Second is a good position to get points for the Race to Dubai and to get points for the World Ranking, which is good.  Positive things that I think I went from like down to up during the week, which is good.  I'm leaving with a good feeling, positive feeling, so that's the main thing.  I played very good golf this morning, so obviously nothing went the way I wanted at the end, but I'm still happy.

Q.  That fairway bunker at No. 2, do you want us to rip that out for next year?

ADRIAN OTAEGUI:  Yeah, if you can, please.  Move it somewhere else, just not in the middle of the fairway, that would be a good help.  I've been hitting the same iron from the bunker every time, didn't even need the yardage anymore.

Q.  Did you think about changing tactic or was ‑‑

ADRIAN OTAEGUI:  I just tried to hit the driver.

Q.  Over?

ADRIAN OTAEGUI:  No, just left or right.  Any would be good, but it was just getting in all the time.

Q.  You played well at Saudi as well.  Do you feel your game sort of starting the year trending the right way?

ADRIAN OTAEGUI:  Yeah, I'm feeling a little bit better week after the week, which is good, which is positive.  Just want to keep going.  I'm having a week off next week and then back to Oman and Qatar, so just keep going and keep getting up in the rankings.

Q.  Ryan's been out on the European Tour now.  What regard do other players have for Ryan and his position out there on Tour? How do you rank his game?

ADRIAN OTAEGUI:  He's a very good player obviously.  He's been in contention many events.  Obviously runner‑up at the Rolex Series last year and he's got a great potential.  So yeah, I'm sure he'll do very well in the next tournaments.

Q.  What did it do for you, that first win?  The Paul Lawrie Match Play, last year in Belgium, what does it do for you as a player when you get that first win on Tour?

ADRIAN OTAEGUI:  Obviously it's a good feeling to have your first win.  It's what you've been always working for, but it's just part of the way.  I mean it's part of the career.  We'll have some better moments, some worse moments, but it's just about keep going and keep fighting and just trying to keep winning tournaments.  But even if you don't win, I mean golf is not only about winning and losing.  You play against so many people, so many good players, it's just part, as I said, part of the career.

Q.  Given your record in match play the last few years, do you think about Ryder Cup next year, is that something you're aspiring to?

ADRIAN OTAEGUI:  Yeah, sure.  It's been my dream forever, to play Ryder Cup.  So yeah, I need to play ‑‑ I need to keep playing very good golf to get in contention.

Q.  Why match play for you, why do you think you've been so good at it for years?

ADRIAN OTAEGUI:  I don't know, just try to play my best, my own game.  I don't know, just focus and played some good golf.

Q.  Is playing with someone like Ryan, who hits it so far, a little bit of a disadvantage obviously, but you get to play first.  Did you feel like you had a chance to put some pressure on him if you hit some good shots into the greens and stuff?

ADRIAN OTAEGUI:  Well, today wasn't a very good example.  Obviously his game is not my game.  I can't compare myself with him.  He's a very long hitter, I'm not, so he needs to use his own strengths and I have to use my own strengths, and if I know my own strengths, I can play my own game, my own golf.

Q.  And obviously this golf course sort of suits your game, but it also suits Ryan's game. Is this sort of the perfect place to play this event?

ADRIAN OTAEGUI:  The golf course suits the game of the guy who's playing well, that's all. If you're playing well, the golf course will suit you.  If you're not playing well, not any golf course will suit you, I'm not going to lie to you.