Coca-Cola Rich River Trainee Classic

Rich River East Course Moama

31st January - 3rd February 2017
  • ChampionFrazer DroopWinner
  • Prize$40,000Purse
  • TimeLocal time
No. Country Player name Status
1 AUS VIC Andrew Poppins Entered
2 AUS VIC Thomas Burt Entered
3 AUS SA Zak Fuller Entered
4 AUS NSW Andrew Thompson Entered
5 AUS NSW William Flitcroft Entered
6 AUS NSW Robbie Hogan Entered
7 AUS NSW Ben Stowe Entered
8 AUS VIC Ben Murphy Entered
9 AUS NSW Trent Smith Entered
10 AUS WA Conor Brown Entered
11 AUS VIC Correy Price Entered
12 AUS ACT Adam Porker Entered
13 AUS VIC Kevin Smith Entered
14 AUS NSW Jarrad Santi Entered
15 AUS VIC Tom Corker Entered
16 AUS VIC Levi Burns Entered
17 AUS VIC Hayden Webb Entered
18 AUS NSW Joel Troy Entered
19 AUS QLD James Corkill Entered
20 AUS VIC Jarrod Coco Entered
21 AUS VIC Nathan Condon Entered
22 AUS VIC Brad Kivimets Entered
23 AUS VIC Elliott Braulins Entered
24 AUS NSW Matt Robertson Entered
25 AUS VIC Nick Sapet Entered
26 AUS VIC Bradley McGill Entered
27 AUS VIC Stephen Brown Entered
28 AUS QLD Shane Miley Entered
29 AUS VIC Sam Hingeley Entered
30 AUS VIC Brandon Rave Entered
31 AUS VIC Ian Merrett Entered
32 AUS QLD Adam Clarke Entered
33 AUS VIC Sahil Sahib Entered
34 AUS NSW Ashley Munro Entered
35 AUS NSW Tamarra Livanos Entered
36 AUS VIC Jaydon Vaenuku Entered
37 AUS QLD Briony Webb Entered
38 AUS VIC Thomas Jefferies Entered
39 AUS VIC Andrew Cooper Entered
40 AUS QLD Hayden Gomez Entered
41 AUS QLD Brandon Connor Entered
42 AUS VIC David Harris Entered
43 AUS VIC John Burbergs Entered
44 AUS NSW James Edge Entered
45 AUS NSW Thomas Punnett Entered
46 AUS VIC Melissa Taylor Entered
47 AUS NSW Mitchell Ballard Entered
48 AUS NSW Jamie Millar Entered
49 AUS VIC Michael Tullio Entered
50 AUS QLD Ryan Thomas Entered
51 AUS NSW Heath Canning Entered
52 AUS VIC Matthew Lainson Entered
53 NZL James Betts Entered
54 AUS WA Ben Percival Entered
55 AUS QLD Max Barker Entered
56 AUS VIC Edward Nicolette Entered
57 AUS VIC Matthew Thompson Entered
58 AUS VIC Tyler Marotti Entered
59 AUS VIC Emily Pell Entered
60 AUS VIC Brad Stephenson Entered
61 AUS VIC Marcus Hakkinen Entered
62 AUS VIC Aaron Attwell Entered
63 AUS NSW Edward Tamsett Entered
64 AUS VIC Mitchel Judd Entered
65 AUS NSW Nathan Dorahy Entered
66 AUS VIC Mitchell Carter Entered
67 AUS NSW Daniel Priest Entered
68 AUS NSW Matthew Tierney Entered
69 AUS NSW Matthew Power Entered
70 AUS NSW Luke O'Carrigan Entered
71 AUS VIC Catherine Odgers Entered
72 AUS NSW Matt Grenot Entered
73 AUS NSW Blake Fitzgerald Entered
74 AUS QLD Gavin Fairfax Entered
75 AUS VIC David Hall Entered
76 AUS VIC Andrew Sutton Entered
77 AUS NSW Jake Mitchell Entered
78 AUS VIC Jack Cox Entered
79 AUS NSW Luke Brabant Entered
80 AUS VIC Isaac Sirianni Entered
81 AUS NSW Bradley Ward Entered
82 AUS VIC Jamie Stapleton Entered
83 AUS NSW Corey Cruickshank Entered
84 AUS NSW James Gleeson Entered
85 AUS WA Ethan Andrews Entered
86 AUS NSW Rowan Thomson Entered
87 AUS NSW Thomas Perfect Entered
88 AUS VIC Alex Dudley-Bateman Entered
89 AUS VIC Thomas Howarth Entered
90 AUS NSW Evan Brawn Entered
91 AUS VIC Frazer Droop Entered
92 AUS QLD Joshua Ryan Entered
93 AUS QLD Charles Wright Entered
94 AUS VIC Zakary Ginevra Entered
95 AUS NSW Timothy Purtill Entered
96 AUS NSW Andrew Brennan Entered
97 AUS VIC Connor Brodrick Entered
98 AUS SA Samuel Masters Entered
99 AUS NSW Deepak Jallipalli Entered
100 AUS NSW Sean Bartlett Entered
101 AUS VIC Helen Noble Entered
102 AUS NSW Alex Emmerson Entered
103 AUS NSW Christopher Clunes Entered
104 AUS QLD Ben Pisani Entered
105 AUS SA Connor Chant Entered
106 AUS NSW Edward Salt Entered
107 AUS NSW Ricky Kato Entered
108 AUS NSW Andrew Booth Entered
109 AUS VIC Matthew Coutts Entered
110 AUS NSW Craig Cox Entered
111 AUS NSW Ashley Grant Entered
112 AUS QLD Neville Hogan Entered
113 AUS VIC Sahil Singh Entered
114 AUS NSW Darren Robel Entered
115 AUS QLD Barrie Manning Entered
116 AUS NSW Brendan Higgins Entered
117 AUS NSW Apo Tsolakis Entered
118 AUS VIC Benjamin Allen Entered
119 AUS VIC Michael Bainbridge Entered
120 AUS NSW Daniel Bringolf Entered
121 AUS NSW Travis Roweth Entered
122 AUS NSW Jordan Widdicombe Entered
123 AUS NSW Michael Cole Entered
124 AUS QLD Sebastian Howell Entered
125 AUS VIC Haydn Garner Entered
126 AUS NSW Isaiah Melia Entered
127 AUS VIC David Hurle Entered
128 AUS NSW Matthew Bate Entered
129 AUS QLD Daniel Brosnan Entered
130 AUS NSW Max Miller Entered
131 AUS VIC Benjamin Price Entered
132 AUS NSW Marco Zirov Entered
133 AUS NSW Tyrone Dowling Entered
134 AUS VIC Nathan Kungl Entered
135 AUS NSW Blake Dowd Entered


Identifies a player has entered the tournament
Identifies a player has made the final field for the tournament
Identifies a player is on the reserve list for the tournament


Note: This list is for informational purposes only. Field is subject to change. Players should contact the relevant PGA Division to confirm their Playing/Alternate Status.

Further information on PGA Tour of Australasia Exemption Categories