Every year a new group of knowledgeable, enthusiastic PGA Trainees seek employment across different sectors of the golf industry, and every year there are proactive employers keen to welcome them. Why? Because the advantages of employing a PGA Trainee Program trainee are as diverse as the skills this next generation of PGA Member brings to a business.

The PGA is committed to developing individuals who have a passion for a career in golf and PGA Members play an important role in identifying individuals who have a desire to become a PGA Professional.

Avondale Golf Club (NSW)

Mark Paterson has spent 27 years at Avondale Golf Club, mentoring nine Trainees along the way. While he currently employs one Trainee, another three former Trainees now hold various full-time positions at the club.

"I think that makes us a really good example of providing opportunities to Trainees and being rewarded for it with staff loyalty. It's great that we can help them with a different angle of attack in their careers, but it's equally great that they can apply their individual skills at our club," Paterson says.

Paterson believes PGA Trainees have a positive impact on the business. "From a club members' point of view it's nice to see the same faces around," he says. "The fact my Trainees have stayed on, and I've been able to keep them on, is a huge asset for me."

Mt Warren Park Golf Club (QLD)

PGA Professional Jared Love employs third year Trainee, Nick Rogers,
at Mt Warren Park Golf Club. Love cannot speak highly enough of the effort Rogers puts in and the benefits he brings to the club. "Nick takes direction very well, but he's also really started to think for himself and use the knowledge he is picking up in the Trainee Program," says Love. "I really enjoy having him around.
He brings a different energy and new ideas to the club. He turns up to work early and stays back late because
he's so keen. Nick is also naturally great with people, which proves a really useful talent here when he's communicating with members. I can honestly say that as long as I am a Head Professional, I will always employ at least one Trainee."

Barwon Heads Golf Club (VIC)

Ian Donnelly, in partnership with fellow Head Professional Ashley Andrews, has employed two Trainees at Barwon Heads Golf Club - including Tybin Lawson who is now a Teaching Professional at Thirteenth Beach Golf Links.

"There are certainly a number of benefits to employing a Trainee. It's good having somebody with golf knowledge and genuine excitement
in the role, and the members seem to enjoy following the progress of a club Trainee. Tybin was very well known to the members and many of them liked to keep an eye on his results," says Donnelly.
"You're obviously getting the benefit of somebody who can provide hours in the pro shop, but at the same time you're training somebody to
 be a qualified PGA Member, which means adding to the number of skilled Professionals that people can call
 on in the golf industry, and that's a good thing."

Marangaroo Golf Course (WA)

Robert Farley has guided 15 PGA Trainees in the past 15 years and presently employs a couple of third year Trainees. "They're full-time workers who coach with me and on their own. The reason I take on PGA Trainees is because I believe in transferring my knowledge to the next generation. I really enjoy helping them learn and improve," says Farley.

"I also like having a mixture of experienced and younger employees. They offer their own spark and they can relate well to all demographics. The fact they're looking to get different things out of the PGA Trainee Program means they offer different skills to the job." Farley believes it is important to put something back into the game that has done so much for him.

"I was given 
an opportunity as a young man so it's a pleasure to see these young guys on the way to becoming good PGA Professionals. It's fantastic seeing the first Trainees I employed doing well in their careers now," he says. "The fact my Trainees have stayed on, and I've been able to keep them on, is a huge asset for me"


  1. The Trainee/Employee is provided workplace specific training by the PGA 
  2. Opportunity for PGA Members to give back to the golf industry 
  3. Opportunity for PGA Members to contribute to their Association 
  4. Personal reward for assisting a 
Trainee in pursuing their career goals
  5. Access to official training wages for 
employment of a Trainee
  6. Possible access to government 
incentives for employment of a Trainee
  7. Opportunity to share PGA Member knowledge and skills
  8. May lead to renewed enthusiasm and commitment to work
  9. Facilitates learning for the PGA Member employer
  10. Facilitates learning for other staff who work with a Trainee


To learn more or to apply for the 2017 PGA Trainee Program please click here. Applications close August 31st 2016.