With the business end of the Australian PGA Professionals Championship week getting underway today, tournament week kicked off yesterday with the championship pro-am.

Hamilton Island GCThe pro-am was once again a huge success, with the competing amateurs enjoying the experience of playing along some of the best Vocational PGA Professionals in the country.

Great scores were the order of the day, but it was Professionals Chris Turk and Zak Rollins combining alongside amateurs Ben Benson and John Clarke who claimed victory on 90 points.

The team representing our sponsors at Club Car,  Trent Fowler, Truda Rail, Kip McLachlan and Kevin Cross finished in second with 88 points, while Ben Bunny, Simon Angliss, David Elliot and Rob French  finished in third on 86.

The championship pro-am was the ideal lead up for all our competitors, with the knowledge gained from today's round, to be used over the next few rounds of competition.

Congratulations to all our winners at the championship pro-am and we wish everyone the very best for today's opening round.