Stephen Leaney has revitalised his passion for tournament golf, with new training routines, which have benefitted him mentally and physically.

The matured professional has regained his love for the game and is set on raising his personal expectations, with his new found commitment and persistence continuing to improve him as a player.

Leaney, who is currently in contention on the leaderboard at the Mercedes-Benz Truck and Bus Victorian PGA Championship, has rejuvenated his physical and mental techniques to get him to this point of the tournament.

"I have done a lot of work the last four and half months at the gym and mentally I've worked hard with a few things, it's nice to see it finally pay off," said Leaney, who has taken his cues from other elite athletes.

"I just got back into routine, I've been working out with the South Australian Redbacks state cricket team."

"Working with them has got me back into some discipline and helped mentally as well."

The four-time European Tour winner finished tied eleventh at the Oates Vic Open held at Thirteenth Beach Golf Links last week.

Leaney's ability to predict and know his emotions on course gives him an edge over some of the younger professionals.

"The difference between me and most of the young guys is that they don't have the mental strength that I have had for years," continued Leaney.

"I have been around a long time and I know what emotions I am going to go through in golf and I can use that to my advantage."

With Leaney's birthday coming up next month, it has opened the 46-year-old's eyes to the level of commitment he must give to the sport to continue to win championships.

"I am back to the effort and the dedication that I was in my mid-thirties, Once I realised I am 47 next month, I am not going to have a lot of chances to win golf tournaments, so I need to make a proper effort," said Leaney.

Even with Leaney's new approach to the game he is keeping a level head when it comes to the competition and his ability to preform at Huntingdale this week.

"If I can achieve what I have done the last three days and just play my own game and commit to all the shots I have done that is all I can do."

"I am just trying to get the best out of my game and just see where it stacks up."