Marcus Fraser finds himself in a position even he didn't expect coming into the ISPS Handa Perth International this week, looking to win back-to-back tournaments on the European Tour – a feat that is rarely achieved.

Marcus FraserFor Fraser the win at the MayBank Campionship in Malaysia last week, following a month which he described as the worst of his professional career, was a result of taking his game back to the basics and the competitive edge that makes sports people want to fix a problem and not run from it.

"The way I played in the Middle East was the worst golf I've played in a three‑week stretch in my entire career.  It was just awful.  I went away from it very lost… but I got in some good practise the week off before going to Malaysia," Fraser said. 

"Now I feel really good about my game.  I feel as though I've got some direction back and I'm as keen as ever to obviously come out and play this week," he continued.

Coming into the tournament as the most recent winner on the European Tour puts a new pressure on Fraser but he isn't about to get complacent about his game.

"I'm probably hungrier this week to go out and play well.  That was my third European Tour victory last week, but I want to make it four victories as quick as I can.  It got the juices going for sure.  It definitely gives you that boost of confidence to know that I still can do it," Fraser said.

"It's just a matter of getting things in order to try and be in the mix with nine holes to go, because if that's the case, I feel like I'm as good a chance as anybody; if you're around the lead, I feel like I can now draw on a few experiences that I've had."

Looking further ahead, the Malaysian win has taken him to number 62 in the world and has given him renewed hope of making the elusive top 50 cut off to play Augusta.

"It's a great opportunity.  I've never played the Masters.  It's something as golfers we all dream of doing.  So yeah, it's obviously right in front of me now.  I've got no one else to blame if it doesn't happen and it's entirely up to me to try to do everything I can to prepare properly to try to get one of those spots," Fraser continued.

With a big month ahead of him Fraser is a vision of focus but don't expect him to be hitting the gym any time soon.

"Yeah, I'm not a massive fan of heading into the gym and sweating it out - as you can see.  Much prefer to go down to the players' lounge and have a couple pies," finished Fraser who is co-owner of Church St Enoteca with Essendon Football Club Captain Brendon Goddard.