Richard Green and Marianne Skarpnord wrote their own fairytale in 2015 taking out the Oates Vic Open double.

Richard GreenLast year the engaged couple had just moved into their new home on the course at 13th Beach and by Sunday night they had even more to celebrate as they each won their respective Vic Open titles.  

"It was such an amazing week for us. We moved into our house earlier in the week which was a huge positive for us," said Green.

"Then to both be at the same tournament, at the same time and to win and have the hole-in-one, it was a remarkable week."

"It was one of those weeks where everything just goes right. It was just amazing and I will never forget it."

While the whole of 13th Beach Golf Links has been abuzz with hope that Barwon Head's favourite couple could take out the titles again a serious question mark has been placed over the likelihood.

Richard Green revealed today that he is battling a back injury that could even prevent him from stepping onto the tee tomorrow.

"It's going to be hard to live up to last year. Unfortunately this year I am nursing a back injury so I really will find it hard to repeat that feat but I am going to try my best," added Green.

"The injury is something that I have done before and something that I have recovered from so I'm not overly concerned. It's just a shame it's happened within two weeks of this tournament but I am trying to push my recovery to play."

A fortnight ago, completing his regular gym routine, the 44-year-old felt his back seize up and was forced to withdraw from two European Tour events.

While Green has been focused on getting his back right for his title defence, he has talked down his chances of back-to-back titles should he be able to play tomorrow.  

"I would have liked to of played the two tournaments in the Middle East leading up to this tournament. I would have been in the same sort of form as this time last year had I played them," continued Green who is drawn to play in the same group as Nick Cullen who he beat in a playoff in 2015 for the title.

"But I unfortunately had to withdraw so I am as rusty and cold as can be and that's going to make my competitiveness from last year hard to match."

"If I can play tomorrow, get myself fit enough to play, I'm probably not going to be anywhere near good enough form to compete with Nick."

An appointment this afternoon with an Osteopath will be the deciding factor for Green, who is walking the fine line between defending a title important to him and doing no further harm for his season ahead.

"I am just concerned about doing anymore damage. I have an osteo appointment this afternoon and I am just going to rely on his opinion," added Green.

"I have to be really careful about this decision. If I play tomorrow I will know that I am not doing anymore damage and it's just hopefully going to free up as time goes by."