NSW PGA winner Jarryd Felton led a 13 strong group of Australian players to qualify for next week's final stage of the 2016 Asian Tour Qualifying School.

There were 51 Australians among the more than 400 hopefuls teeing up across four venues at sectional qualifying last week and 22 Australians will now have a chance to earn status for the 2016 Tour.

There were already 9 Australians exempt to the final stage which will tee off in Thailand on Wednesday.

Gavin Fairfax, Jason Chellew, Deyen Lawson and Martin Dive joined Felton in qualifying at the Springfield Royal Country Club, one of two course used for this week's final.

Darren Tan, Junseok Lee and Gavin Flint all got through at Imperial Lakeview Golf Club, the other venue for this week's event.

Former PGA TOUR player David Lutterus was one of five to qualify at the Windsor Park Golf Club, Cory Crawford, Mitchell Brown, Neven Basic and Michael Wright also advancing.