The right Caddy can make a difference

So many people contribute to a successful team and for Jason Day, Caddy and confident Colin Swatton was a crucial element in his maiden Major victory on Sunday.

Colin Swatton with Jason DayA Caddy isn't just someone who carries a bag and walks in the shadow of his or her Pro. A Caddy provides support, strategy and guidance - sometimes under stressful and challenging conditions.  

"The good caddies will be out on course early, early, morning, looking at the pins looking at where to hit and where the bad places are," said Day who spoke with the PGA earlier today.

"Even though I'm the one hitting the shots, Col is the one who is there to calm me down when I need to."

Day has made no secret of the fact that Swatton played a huge role in helping him secure his first Major after working with Day since the age of 12.

"He was a huge influence in me winning on Sunday."

"The guy is a very, very hard worker."

"To be able to have a caddy that works as hard as Col and understands what's going on, gathering all information to make sure that one single shot that I have is the shot that I need to take at the right time."

"He's come a long way, since the first time he caddied for me at the Queensland Open at Ipswich Golf Club."

"We had a pull cart and he couldn't make it up the 18th fairway, now he can carry 45 pounds four rounds around this place. I mean he's come a long way."