As a kid, Jason Day could be a handful. He was a kid that simply didn't like to listen - even his relationship with longtime coach Colin Swatton started off on the wrong foot.

Jason Day with son DashDay grew up in a social culture of street fights and alcohol; the wrong crowd could have easily influenced him, but they didn't thanks to his pro-active mother.

As a junior, Day never viewed himself as a role model but he could clearly identify someone that wasn't and understood that his attitude and accomplishments spoke volumes to junior golfers and provided hope and inspiration.

"What we do today shapes what we accomplish tomorrow and what we accomplish tomorrow shapes our juniors," said Day, who spoke with the PGA earlier today.

"You don't get anywhere in this life without the hard work and dedication that you put into your profession."

"It's all in the mind set that you take."

Day has had his fair share of knocks recently, injury, illness and falling short in three of four Majors in one year is enough to make anyone ask, is this working for me? Day understood that until now it just wasn't his time and when asked about advice to juniors, he had some pretty tough words.

"If I was talking to a group of 17 year old boys and girls who had similar skill sets to what I had growing up I would say there's someone in this world that's younger, that maybe better or maybe worse that's working harder than you right now."

"Never give up, even when you're going through hard times and the only thing you want to do is walk away from the game because it's just to hard."

"Some days are going to be cruel and heart breaking and very frustrating, and some days are going to be the best that's ever happen to you."

"You have to understand that the hard times you go through, the tough times you go through, are the learning times."

"Can you get better from where you are today? Yes, because there is always something you can learn."

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