Marcus Fraser, ISPS HANDA World Super 6 Perth -  10 February 2018

Q.  Marcus, nice round for you out there today, you pulled it out of your hat somewhere, I think the hat might have some special meaning today as well?

MARCUS FRASER:  Yeah, obviously John Davis, who was a life member of the PGA but my coach for a long time and the head pro at Kingswood where I've been a member for over 20 years.  So yeah, he passed away a couple of nights ago but he's been crook for a while, but he had a big effect on a lot of people.  It's sad, but he battled pretty hard.

Q.  Are you proud that you managed to go out there and have a good round today and play in his honour?

MARCUS FRASER:  Yeah, absolutely, no questions.  It's always nice to go out and play well, especially when you've got some other thoughts going through your head.  No, it was nice to go out and play well for him.

Q.  Can you talk to us about your round today, and I guess it's important to have a low round on a Saturday but none more so than this tournament?

MARCUS FRASER:  Yeah, absolutely.  Considering where I was, what position I was, I thought I was trying to get to as close to double figures as I could to try to get that double chance for the bye tomorrow, but looks like it might be just short.  But hopefully that wind blows this afternoon, we'll see what happens. Yeah, it's nice to get into the match play.  As we know, anything can happen in match play, but six‑hole match play is a completely different story and something I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.  Was your mentality out on the course and I guess your approach to playing it a lot different than it usually would be given what you were trying to achieve?

MARCUS FRASER:  I think so.  That was my thought was to try to get one of those double chances or the spot where you have a bye, and if I played well enough, everything else would take care of itself.  It looks like I might be just a bit short of that, but at least get into the match play and have a crack at it tomorrow.

Q.  Will you watch this afternoon and see what everybody else does?

MARCUS FRASER:  Yeah, I think so.  I've got to watch the scores and watch the wind, and hopefully it gets a bit strong and blows the scores a bit, but it is what it is.  We'll wait and see what happens.  There's some good birdie chances out there, the course is playing pretty good.

Q.  And how do you rate yourself in match play situations?

MARCUS FRASER:  Probably 50/50.  I think had some at the New Zealand Amateur and some other match play events.  Had a match play event in Germany last year where I had a couple good wins early on.  Just don't get a chance to play that often.  It's one of those unknowns, probably about 50/50 in playoffs.  And yeah, it's just the unknowns, especially six‑hole match play.  Anyone can go ahead and shoot 3 or 4 under for six holes tomorrow and be out of there, or you can go ahead and shoot level par and still be in it.  That's just who you get on the day and whichever way it goes.

Q.  And were you looking at those holes today in particular for what you might be needing to do tomorrow?

MARCUS FRASER:  A little bit, yeah.  I don't know exactly the routing they're going to play, but it's nice to get in there and have a look at it tonight and have a look at some pins and whatnot and hopefully get into it tomorrow.