Scott set to abandon broomstick putter

Tuesday, 4 December 2012
Adam Scott
Adam Scott

Adam Scott appears set to discard his beloved broomstick putter in this week's Australian Open at The Lakes Golf Club.

With the Royal & Ancient and US Golf Association almost certain to ban the 'anchoring' of clubs in 2016 - effectively making 'belly' and 'broomstick' putters illegal - the 32-year-old is already planning for the future.

Scott turned up for his Tuesday practice round with eight-time major winner Tom Watson without the broomstick he has wielded since May 2011.

The Queenslander was spotted on the practice green using a traditional putter with a slightly extended shaft.

He employed a claw-style grip with his bottom hand, similar to his technique with the broomstick, but crucially the shaft was not anchored to his midriff.

There was a clear gap of around eight centimetres between the end of the putter handle and his body.

He then took to the course with Watson and used his new wand exclusively throughout the round.

While Scott has previously declared he would persist with his long putter next season, it appears the 2009 Australian Open champion has had a change of heart.

Shortly before joining Scott for his first glimpse of The Lakes layout, Watson endorsed the decision to consider banning 'anchoring'.

Asked if the USGA and R&A are on the right track, Watson said: "Yes, but I say that with mixed emotions.

"(A broomstick or belly putter stroke) is not a stroke of golf ... but it makes it easier to play.

"My son Michael, with a conventional putting stroke he couldn't make it from two feet half the time but he went to a belly putter and he makes everything.

"The game is fun to him now, so there lies the danger. Do we take the ability for people to have fun away?"

"Do we go to two sets of rules, where some people can use (long putters) in certain competitions but the PGA Tour maybe can't?

"I thought Ernie Els said it perfectly after he won last year's Open Championship.

"He was asked 'why did you go with the long putter Ernie?' and he said 'I'm cheating like the rest of them are'."