2012 WA Open - Playoff Timeline

Monday, 29 October 2012
Oliver Goss
Oliver Goss

The John Hughes Geely / Nexus Risk Services WA Open Championship was decided by a thrilling five hole playoff beween amateurs Oliver Goss and Brady Watt.

18-year-old Oliver Goss eventually prevailed to become the first amateur to claim the title since Stephen Leaney in 1991.

Each shot of the enthralling playoff was tweeted live by the PGA of Australia but for those who missed it here it is...

6:50pmGoss and Watt both make birdie putts on 17 to move into the lead on -15 a shot clear of Rumford
7:04pmGreat fairway shot from Goss on the 18th sets up an eagle putt for the win
7:10pmGoss misses his eagle putt, Watt makes his birdie. Its all locked up we are heading to a playoff
7:11pmPlayoff hole is the 18th
7:21pmWatt splits the fairway. 176m to the pin
7:22pmGoss also splits the fairway. 180m to the pin
7:26pmGoss lands it short of the green. Will have a 25ft chip
7:27pmWatt lands it on the back left of the green. Will have a lengthy left to right putt for eagle
7:30pmGoss selects the putter. Great putt. 2ft for birdie
7:31pmWatt slides it past. 4ft left for birdie
7:31pmWatt studying his eagle putt
7:33pmWatt with a clutch putt for birdie
7:34pmGoss doesn't muck around. Steps up and holes it for birdie. Back down the 18th we go
7:38pmWatt retains the honor down the 2nd playoff hole. Pushed it slightly down the right
7:39pmGoss nails it down the middle. Has under 160m to the pin
7:43pmWatt from the tree line down the right. Plays a nice fade off the left bunker. About 40ft short of the green
7:44pmGoss tugs it left and finds the greenside bunker. Still plenty of green to work with
7:46pmWatt plays a career chip shot. He will have 2ft for birdie
7:47pmGoss. Baddeley like in his putting technique. Holes it for birdie. Great up and down
7:47pmGoss solid from the bunker. He will have 3ft to put the pressure on Watt
7:49pmWatt stands and delivers. Birdie and we will head down the 8th for the 3rd playoff hole
7:51pmWe are heading down the 8th
7:54pmWatt selects driver down the par 4 8th. Pushes it right and finds the bunker on the 18th
7:55pmGoss tugs it left and finds the trees. Not a bad kick and looks like he will take TIO relief from an advertising sign
7:57pmWatt with a difficult 50m bunker shot. Plays an absolute gem and will have 15ft for birdie
7:57pmGoss clips the trees with his approach and finishes 10ft short of the green
8:00pmGoss chips up to 2ft. Solid short game on display
8:02pmWatt has this putt for the win
8:03pmWatt leaves it short left. Taps in for par
8:04pmNo nonsense for Goss. Steps up. Bins it. Back down the 8th for the 4th playoff hole
8:05pmWatt selects driver and leaves his bag next to the green
8:07pmWatt nails it. 5m from where he left his bag by the green. Goss does the same. He is 10m past Watt and both looking at birdies
8:09pmWatt selects the 56 degree wedge. Slides it over the edge of the hole. Runs about 15ft past
8:10pmGoss again showcasing his short game skills. Bumps it into the bank and finishes 3ft from the hole
8:11pmGreat spectacle of golf here from the 2 amateurs
8:12pmWatt holes it! Birdie and putts the pressure on Goss
8:13pmGoss shows nerves of steel and holes his for birdie as well! Crowd cheers
8:14pmHeading back down the 8th again for the 5th playoff hole!
8:16pmWatt from the green side bunker. Lands pin high. No spin. Rolls off the right side of the green
8:16pmWatt with the driver again. Finds the green side bunker on the left. Goss identical tee shot to last time
8:16pm8th hole is par 4 284m 18th is par 5 463m
8:20pmGoss plays the bump and run again into the bank. Another 3ft putt for birdie
8:21pmWatt catches the grass before his ball and his chip rolls back to his feet. Follow up chip lips out for par
8:22pmOliver Goss has 2 putts for the win
8:23pmGoss leaves it out to the right and taps in for par to claim the 2012 WA Open Championship